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Community Wildfire Assessments

Public Assessment Viewer

You can view parcel-specific assessments, community-specific assessments, and the community assessments that were completed as part of the 2023 Grand County CWPP project effort. Both the parcel-specific and community-specific assessments are completed by wildland firefighters from local fire departments. The community assessments completed as part of the CWPP projects were completed in October 2022 by SWCA environmental consultants.

The Community Wildfire Assessments within this view are evaluations of wildfire risks conducted through drive-by assessments completed by wildland firefighters from local fire departments. These assessments help identify potential vulnerabilities in communities situated near wildland urban interface (WUI) areas where wildfires are a threat. Wildfire risk is categorized into levels of various ratings, ranging from low to moderate, high, very high, and extreme.

The purpose of these assessments is to inform residents and local authorities about the wildfire risk in their area, enabling them to take proactive measures to reduce this risk. By identifying potential hazards and areas of concern, residents can implement Firewise actions, which include strategies like creating defensible space around their homes, using fire-resistant building materials, carrying out measures to reduce exposure to embers and maintaining fuel breaks.  While these actions cannot guarantee protection from wildfire, when applied properly, these actions have been shown to reduce the risk of wildfire damage to homes and properties.


                                                   Parcel Risk Assessment Map

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