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Impact Fee Annual Report

Under H.B. 11-1113, Grand Fire Protection District No. 1 is required to publish on its official website at least once annually, the allocation by dollar amount of each land development charge collected to an account or among accounts, the average annual interest rate on each account, and the total amount disbursed from each account, during the local government’s most recent fiscal year. Grand Fire Protection District No. 1’s Impact Fee Collections are deposited into a separate Fire Impact Fee account located at COLOTrust.

Fire Impact Fees

YearCollectionsExpendituresAnnual Interest Rate
2023$132,614$348,195 4.25%
2022 (audited)$164,523$0.002.25%
2021 (audited)$248,294$0.000.048%
2020 (audited)$182,687$0.000.75%
2019 (audited)$266,165$250,0002.34%
2018 (audited)$74,507$50,6312.06%
2017 (audited)$34,424$25,0001.31%
2016 (audited)$24,568$46,6960.62%
2015 (audited)$12,957$16,7120.37%
2014 (audited)$35,557$36,5450.12%
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