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District Transparency

Our district is dedicated to operating in a transparent manner, and posts relevant financial and operational documents to our site as they become available.

Transparency Builds Trust

Transparency is the precursor, and an essential ingredient for creating and maintaining trust. When practiced regularly, transparency will inevitably build relationships and entire cultures of trust. At Grand Fire, we vow to the following:

  • To have transparent emotions. We will clarify expectations, communicate effectively, and provide feedback.
  • To have transparent finances. We will give our staff, volunteers and the public a clear picture of our financial status and goals.
  • To have transparent intentions. We will clearly define and communication our mission, vision and values.

Please contact our business office at 970-887-3380 if there is information you would like to see added to our transparency pages.

InformationWhere to find it
Contact Information On File
PO Box 338, Granby, CO, 80446
60500 US Highway 40, Granby, CO, 80446
(970) 887-3380
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Compensation Reports for all Board MembersBoard Compensation
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Disclosure of any Act or Law Governing RequestsCORA
Guidelines for Submitting Public Records RequestsPublic Records Requests
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