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Grand County Roadside Mitigation Project

                                                        Update: June 13, 2024

Mitigation Crews will finish working in and around the areas of GCR 60, 6234, 623 and 620 by the end of this week, and will be chipping the mitigated piles next week.  Mitigation Crews will also begin working and chipping in the area of GCR 57 next week.  Road signs will be posted along GCR 57


Grand Fire and Grand Lake Fire in coordination with Grand County Wildfire Council and Grand County Office of Emergency Management will be conducting a Roadside Mitigation project during the summer of 2024. This project is the first phase of roadside projects across Grand County identified in our 2023 Community Wildfire Protection Plan where roadways were analyzed for hazards and choke points during a potential evacuation.

Crews will be in the identified areas thinning trees in the County Road right of ways. Residents should expect five to ten minute road closures on occasion, and should use caution while crews are working in the area. Crews will leave woody debris piled on the roadside, and will return to chip them near the end of the project, and chips will be spread back along the roadside. Residents along the right of way are encouraged to limb up their trees in their own Hazard Ignition Zone and leave them with other wood piles. Crews will be happy to chip them and return them to the roadside.  Residents not along the right of way can bring their woody debris to one of 5 Community Chipping sites sponsored by Grand County Wildfire Council; dates, locations and material guidelines can be found on their website.

Mitigation Crews also have fire response responsibilities, so schedules are subject to change.

Residents along the planned project area are encouraged to sign up for updates and mitigation crews will send a weekly update on when and where they will be working.


Flyer containing information about mitigation project
Flyer containing information about mitigation project

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