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Suggestions for Short-Term Rental Owners

Because Short-Term Rental guests are most likely new to Grand County and unfamiliar with the area, here are some suggested resources you can provide to your renters, to ensure the safest and most pleasant stay possible.


Install a 9-1-1 Reflective Address sign at the end of the driveway for clear identification of your property for guests and emergency responders should the situation arise. Remember, guests may not be arriving during daylight hours.

  • Clearly post the proper address on the inside of the door in case of an emergency. This should include the County Road number if applicable. 


Have a list of important numbers and websites easily available

  • STR owner and/or Responsible Party (24/7 contacts)
  • A list of local hospitals, doctor's offices, clinics and urgent care centers
  • Local Police, County Sheriff and Hot Sulphur Dispatch  non-emergency numbers
  • Fire Protection District non-emergency number
  • 5-1-1 or for road conditions and closures


Post an emergency exit plan and highlight the location of fire extinguishers


Make sure all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are functioning and the batteries are good. 

  • Tell guests where extra batteries can be found, just in case the batteries die in the middle of the night and the alarm starts going off


Remind guests to check fire restrictions before lighting an outdoor fire (include the fire department's main office phone number or a link to the Grand County's fire restrictions page).


Post the maximum occupancy of the short term rental



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